Mar 7, 2004

Heh... Mmk... This entry will be today's and last night's... Because I didn't feel like writing anything last night..

Hmm... yeah... k... To start off the night.. (At 9:00 last night...heh..) I met some people and we went to CiCi's.. Twas' fun.. I don't remember all of their names... heh... There was Corey.. and..errrrr.. Shannon? Yeah.. I'm not sure... I know Corey, Matt... and well..just.. 5 guys and 3 girls... heh.. We'll just call them "them" lol. But yeah... It was really fun.. The guys were "awwing" over my phone.. And the girls were "Awwing" over my hair. heh.. Twas' really weird.. but yeah..
The other part of last night.. Gah.. Umm.. Some things went on with Liza.. on the zboard.. and..yeah.. She hates me.. for.. some reason.. Mmmyeah.. We are lways like.. at each other's throats.. I don't even know why..  And then Alex.. with his "Sorry HC but liza is my first bestfriend and my first z-love" crap. Ugh. He said he was joking and crap.. But ugh.  And then the "Guess you just cant have all the guys on the board." Hmm.. guess I don't have the same respect from Alex that I thought I did. Gee. And to think.. I thought he classified me as a "friend".. Hmm.. Some friend..  I don't know.. I'm still pretty peeved. I'm not mad. Just.. kinda... uhh.. kinda hurt. Umm..yeah.. And it's weird.. Alex is all "Liza's my best friend.. blah blah blah blah" and by the by- Liza treats him like crap.. I don't really get it.. It's pretty confusing.. And really weird for the people that DON'T treat him like crap..  Ugh. I don't know.. Blah.. And then DX says I was being "stupid" and crap.. Mleh.. Last night was not a very good night.. well.. the online time wasn't very fun..

I miss Matt. *pouts* But he'll be back in a few days.. So..yay! Heh.. Yeah.. I'm out..

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Mar 3, 2004

A day that was... pretty fun... And funny. Heh.. For starters... I got to talk to DX the entire 3rd period... Heh.. Twas’ fun. 4th period.. We got to do this really awesome thing about “Love” And we had to answer all these questions about love. It was really cool. Then we started reading Romeo And Juliet. At lunch... hahaha... THE funniest part of my day... Oy.. The guys we sit with are complete retards. Okay.. We were sitting with Chad, Casey and Randy... Well...heh.. Chad attempted to put a french fry up his nose... (Just to make us girls laugh, I guess..) Heh.. And then he said “Ooh.. Have ya’ll seen my salt trick?” And we were all like “Umm.. No..” And he wadded up a little package of salt.. (You know.. the paper packages with a teeny bit of salt in them) And he sniffed THE WHOLE package up his nose.. And then coughed it back out.. It was so gross... So so so so so gross.. Ugh. He looked like he was about to throw up... While laughing. We ALL laughed..

Oy.. I got that.. compatibility results back.. Because Summer and Emily made me get them. And yeah.. This guy.. was on mine.. that gave me a Valentine last year.. and *supposedly* liked me. Ugh.. I was just like “NO!” And..yeah.. All my friends were laughing at me... *sniff* not cool.. But yeah... It was odd..

Matt’s going away till next Tuesday. *sobs* I’m gonna miss him.. *tear*

OOH! OOH! OOH! SPRING BREAK IS NEXT WEEK..!!!!! W00T! W00T! Part-ay.. hehehehehe.. yay.. I’m excited.. I love Spring Break...heh..

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Feb 27, 2004
I found this funny...

This would be a loooooong quote from Alex....heh...I thought it was funny...hehe...

I understand girls completely. I am in no way perplexed by them or confused.

Once you accept a few simple facts then it all falls into place and makes sense.

Girls are...
Illogical: They do things, expect things, say things, and think things that are extremely illogical but completely justified in their mind.

Impulsive: Women change their mind on a very regular basis. Anywhere between every 2 seconds to 2 minutes.

Emotional: All decisions a woman makes are based on an emotional response. Men base decisions on a logical response. Men and women come to decisions and conclusions by completely oppopsite methods but completely balance each other.

Irrational: Women will get mad at things that make no logical sense (this falls under illogical but i felt it deserved its own mention). Its a darned if you do, darned if you dont sort of system. No matter what choice a male makes, he is wronge. plain and simple. No rational thought behind it.

There you have it. The female mind explained in a cliff notes fashion. Granted there are always exceptions but they are the minority.

/prepares for napalm strike\

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Feb 24, 2004

Today sucks... That's about it...

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Feb 21, 2004


I'm pretty bored at the moment... I haven't talked to Matt in a few days... *sniffle* Hmmm... Hopefully we'll both be on tonight...
I have church tonight... And then this dinner with some people.... Yeah... It's not going to be very fun. I'd rather be home... And...yeah...
I have a headache.....blah. So I'm not so...uppity. lol. Thats a fun word. "Uppity" hehehe... Yeah...okay... So, I'm a nerd. Who cares? lol..
Hmm... our last term starts Monday (w00t!)  My LAST TERM OF BEING A FRESHMAN!! Whoo-hoo! lol.. Hmmm... I'm taking Keyboarding, Choir, Biology, English and Algebra.. Ooh- Next year... I'm thinking about taking Journalism... And being on the yearbook staff... thingy. Yeah.. both would be uber fun. I like to write... And I like to scrapbook and stuff. (Take a look at my binder..heh...) Hmmm... I'm cold now. And tired. And bored because all of my peoples left me. I wish Jeff would still talk to me... and/or Noah... I miss them. Hmm.. But yeah.. Anyways... I really have nothing else to say. I just wanted to update... Seeing as I haven't in a few days... Hmmm... I love you all. *hug*

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Feb 16, 2004
Marilyn Manson ate my girlfriend.

Heh...I'm listening that song right now... I've never heard it before... But heh.. I got this cd for Christmas and am just now getting around to listening to it.! Go me...
Okay...ewww.. I have a very weird question... Do guys take baths? I mean, Like REAL baths... With candles and bubbles and dim lights... Okay..Because my (oh-so-odd) step-dad takes BATHS! Really really really weird. He scares me sometimes.. Ya know' I don't even want to THINK about the reason he's taking a bath... *bad mental pictures* Yeah..erm...eww.. lol..
Aaaaaaand.. Today, I realized.. That for the first time in my life- I LOVE MY LIFE. Seriously... I love it. Everything's just going..great in my life right now. I got an awesome guy, My life is pretty on track with God.. I have many friends.. More than usual.. It's weird. I had like... barely any last year... And now all of a sudden, in High School.. It's like.. GAAHHH.. Friends everywhere... lol.. I love it.. yeah.. lol..
Hmmmmmm... My mommy is at Wal-mart.. So I'm stuck watching my little sister.. Who is at the moment watching "Arthur". And my step-dad is... in the bath. heh.. WEIRDO!!!!! Or as me and Megan would say "Frrrrrrrreak" lol..
Hmmm... yeah.. school...tommorow... mleh.. not cool... This week is exam week. I'm hoping to get a few exemptions, though... Like last term- I got 3!! I didn't even have to go to school the second day.. So..w00t! lol.. Hopefully I'll get some exemptions.. *crosses fingers*
I'm awfully bored.. Because no one is on...
Another shout-out to that girl who hates me- Melinda.. I never meant to make you a freaking enemy or anything.. I just don't understand you. You're complicated. I'm SORRY he chose me. I'm sorry. I can't help that. I'm glad he did. I'm sorry for what his friend did. It wasn't Matt's fault. It wasn't. Why hate me? Why hate Aaron? We're just telling you the truth, Melinda. Seriously.. You ask for help, and then you get mad at the help we give you. I don't get that. You're very complicated.
Hmmm... But yeah... So far- a very good day..!!! I'm happy..really happy! hehehe.. In a giggly mood.. But I do hate it when people think other people are more important... That gets to me... but yeah.. Anyways...
-I'm out-

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Feb 15, 2004
Duuude... Blog's being weird today...

Whoa...heh... yeah.. I'm like.. out of it right now.. Don't rightly know why... That permanent marker that I'm so fond of maybe? Hmmmmm... *ponders* Maybe baby. (Haha, Aaron) *sings* Whyyyyyy do you build me up, Buttercup baby just to let me down, and mess me around and then worst of all, you never call baby when you say you will. But I love you still. I need yooouuuuu more than anyone darlin'. You know that I have from the start. So build me up buttercup don't break my heart. *stops singing*
Hmmmm... yeah... A tad bit hyper... Just a little.. *holds up fingers*  Humunumunumuh... (I LOVE YOU MEGAN!!!!!!!!!) Hmm........ Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! NO SCHOOL TOMMOROW!!!!!!!! *Yells at the top of her lungs* yay. Hmm... I wonder if Kerri won that Regency thingy... Hmm.. *ponders* She should..
Ummmmmmmmmmm... Cold...cold...yeah...yeah...cold.

*******Waaaaiiiiiitttt... I have one thing to say to someone who reads my blog. Melinda.. PLEASE.. Hon.. leave me alone. I only blocked you (from PMing me at zboard and from YIM) Because you WOULDN'T LEAVE ME THE FREAKIN FLIP ALONE!! You kept saying...really.. uncalled for things. I would NEVER treat Matt like you think I do. I would NEVER tell him to go (your words NOT mine) "Jump off a cliff". Never ever EVER. Please. Just leave me alone. I'm getting tired of your rude comments. Whenever you feel the need to be rude to me, You PM me or IM me. Then you feel it is MY fault... And you tell ME to stop talking to YOU. You get your friends to tell me to stop talking to you when YOU'RE the one who IMs me. I know you're having a rough time or whatever. Not to sound rude or anything but -Get over it- Don't let life get you down. There's no problem that's too big for God to handle. Let him handle it. Give everything to God. Stop trying to rely on yourself and everybody else for quick fixes and/or attention. I know that may sound mean or rude or whatever... But seriously- Dwelling on it won't make anything better. Get up, off your butt and do something about it. Thank you. I'll be praying for you Melinda.

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Feb 13, 2004

Hola.. Como estas?
I'm..actually really really good.. Most of you who saw me today.. Is probably thinking "wtf" lol.. But yeah.. I'm happy now! We got everything straightened out and everything's great.
Matt C. was so hilarious today..  I was writing on his back.. with my pen cap.. And he said "You're giving me a boner! You're giving me a boner!" lol.. He is so weird.. He's funny though..
Yeah...I gotta

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Feb 12, 2004
Long time no...entry??

Hmm... Hi-ee.. I haven't written in here in awhile.. Haven't really felt like it.. Meh.. lol.. There's alot of good things going on.. Some things that I can't exactly talk about in here.. in fear of my mom...reading this or something... I hate keeping it a secret.. But I have to..

I'm really tired of being treated like yesterday's trash. Once somebody gets tired of me.. or annoyed with me... or something.. or there's somebody better to talk to.. I get shoved aside (And no, Matt.. I'm not talking about you...) Just.. people in general...

People are so... so... into themselves.. and it's sickening. I hate it. I hate that we care about material things, instead of things that really matter. It totally sucks that really sweet.. but "looks- challenged" people are dissed.. and made fun of. Argh..just..yeah... argh!

Hmm... I'm a lousy friend.. My friend Stephanie... last term- when we had like.. 3 classes together... We were best friends.. We'd tell each other everything.. And today she told me that she "misses me". We don't talk anymore.. I didn't even know that anything was really different up until now. She misses me.. because I became a "stuck-up little snot" (My mom's words.. not mine) .. I am. I suck.. I'm SUCH a lousy friend.. I don't see why anybody wants to be my friend... She made me see that. I've dissed tons of people... Because I've always thought I was "Better than them" or whatever. Goodness.. Screw me. I'm such a hypocrite.. I profess to be this "holier than thou" person, and that makes people think that I am... But I'm not. I want to be... I want to be worthy of God's love.. Of everyone's love.. But I don't seem to think I am.. I'm NOT worthy of God's love... I never will be. I want to be the person God wants me to be.. But I'm nowhere near that.

~*On to happier things*~ lol
We went bowling today... It was fun! Me, Emily, Daniel, and Ashley were on a team.. mmmmyeah... Daniel's good.. he beat all of us the other day...heh.. Today.. Emily won, I was second, Daniel was third.. and Ashley.. (poor Ashley) was last..hehehehe.. With like a score of 30-something...hahaha.. It was SO funny! Ooh.. I made a  new friend too! His name's Jordan.. He's cool.. I don't really know him all that well.. But he hung out with us today.. and he seems pretty cool.. Kinda quiet.. But yeah...heh..

Matt C.- He is such a dork.. He's become like a really great friend! He's awesome... But yeah... Don't worry Matt (My Matt E.) I don't like him... He's just someone who makes me laugh.. Today, During 4th period.. He moved in front of me.. Because whoever sits in front of me- I write on their backs.. With my pen.. (that's closed... the pen cap is on) And he moved in front of me.. (Like he does pretty much every day...heh..) and he was like "Write on my back! Write on my back!" And I'm just like "Mleh... I'm working..." -Algebra...blah...- And then he started being... really weird.. He was..flirting.. *shudder* And being perverted.. I was just like "Dude.." He'd get like.. really close to my face.. and just look at me and smile.. It was really weird... And then I'd back away.. And be like "Umm..yeah... get away...heh.." He was being SO different today.. It was.. not cool.. Heh.. Ted.. (Matt's friend) He sits beside me in 4th.. And I said "Oww.." and he said "what?" And I said "I bit my tongue" and he was like "oh" and a few minutes went by.. and I said "It hurts..." And he said "When you fell from heaven" Hahahahahahaha.. LOUSY pick-up He was just joking though... It was pretty funny, nonetheless...

Yup yup.. I'm gonna go now... Yeah...yeah..........yeah...... Bye peoples...

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Jan 31, 2004

Hmmm... Yeah... So far- not a very good night/day...
Hmm.. My mom, me and Katie went to Wal-mart after church tonight.. Ashley, Her boyfriend (Justin) and Allison were there.. And Ashley yelled "ELIZABIZZLE!!" And I waved... And passed her.. then my mom just gave me a really...erm.. "look" And Ashley just like... gasped.. And looked at me too.. And her boyfriend.. and Allison...gaahhh.. I was like "What?" And my mom said "Elizabeth!" And I was like "yeeeeaaaahhh?" And Ashley was like "You didn't say nothin.." And I was like "Umm.. okay? Jimbob!!!!!" (<-- that's her nickname) Anyways.. we walked a little and my mom stopped and started talking to me... She was like "What was that?" And I said "What?" And she said "You're being really stuck-up.. I know you're shy.. But people can mistaken that for being a stuck-up little snot.." And I was just like "Wow... umm..kay?"
And then in the parking lot.. She asked me why these two girls that go to my church don't like me.. And I just said "Umm.. I don't know" And she like... Got mad at me because people don't like me.. Well... a few people..argh.. I mean.. I was like.. literally crying.. in the parking lot because my mom was just.. Being so rude to me tonight. It was SO not cool.. And just...ARGH... She asked me what I did to them.. To make them not like me.. And...yeah.. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything to them.. Or..I dunno.. Maybe I did.. Maybe they just don't like me... or..something.. yeah.. I don't know..
And there's some other things going on.. But I don't want to talk about them here.. So...yeah...

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